Greetings to you all!! I am happy that you are here to check out my blog.  My name is Nathan Trewick and I am a third year English Major here THE University of Florida. This blog is being done to talk about the themes and elements that have been discussed up to this point in Professor Ulmer’s class. I will be focusing on the topics expressed in the following books: Six Memos for the Next Millennium written by Italo Calvino and Electronic Literature by Katherine Hayles.

This blog will provide a semi in depth look into the themes that are in Calvino’s book, these being Lightness, Quickness, Exactitude, Visibility and Multipliicty. These topics are the the characteristics that Calvino believes are vital within literature. The blog wil talk about my personal emblems, and analogies for these topics, Calvino’s opinion on these topics and I will also attempt to tie in Hayles book, and provide what Ithink is an accurate E literature example that will correspond to the aforementioned topics. Hayles talks about e-literature in depth and describes how e-lit is becoming a more prominent and more pertinent method of literary expression within our contemporary society. I hope that this blog can be instrumental to those seeking to better understand Calvino, as well as giving my readers an avenue to understand my thought processes and creativity as I try to link my own personal examples metaphorically with the concepts of Calvinos. Enjoy everyone!


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